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May 3, 2015: [Scania] Level 201 Hero Now Available & MapleStory 10th Anniversary

Posted by MapleMushroom on May 4, 2015 at 12:05 AM

Hello Maplers!

The latest MapleStory account released on the Webstore is the [Scania] Level 201 Hero. This powerful end-game Hero is maxed out with a complete set of CRA equipment including a 17% STR Sweetwater Tattoo to stack up a grand total of 3.1k STR and 122k damage range to deal some serious damage. Along with that, a bundle permanent NX items are also included. Browse and buy MapleStory accounts at the BMA Webstore today! Remember that BMA offers quality MapleStory accounts in the form of fun, fully equipped, and ready-to-play level 200 and beyond characters.

Get a new level 200 MapleStory account in time for the MapleStory 10th anniversary! After May 7th, you will receive an anniversary gift pack containing goodies such as safety charms, Maple Rewards, and slo expansion coupons. Of course, there are a variety of events that you can participate in to celebrate this year as well. Join the "In the Beginning, There Was a Mushroom" and the annual Cake VS Pie event to receive nifty rewards and prizes. 

With so much fun to be had this month, prepare yourself with a new and powerful MapleStory account today at BMA! Browse and buy MapleStory accounts at the BMA Webstore.

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July 11, 2014: MapleStory Echoes of Darkness & [Renegades] Level 200 Jett now available

Posted by MapleMushroom on July 11, 2014 at 2:50 PM

Hello Maplers!

Log on to your level 200 MapleStory account today and explore the new content in MapleStory Rising Heroes: Echoes of Darkness! The new patch features Shade, a new knuckle-wielding character class that uses spirit skils. In addition, a plethora of events such as the Summertime Event and the Surfboard event are currently running.

Our latest MapleStory account on sale is the [Renegades] Level 200 Jett. With high mobility and damage, the Jett class is a ton of fun when training and bossing. This Jett is equipped with a complete set of Empress gears and high %DEX stacking equipment for you to enjoy.

With so much new content, what are you waiting for? Make the best of your summer today and buy MapleStory accounts on our Webstore.

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- The MapleMushroom (BMA) Team

June 26, 2014: MapleStory Rising Heroes: Elite & Summer Sale

Posted by MapleMushroom on June 27, 2014 at 1:00 AM

Hello Maplers!

The latest MapleStory update, Rising Heroes: Elite is now live! This means class rebalances, a new combat system, as well as a ton of fun summer events.

To celebrate this summer season, MapleMushroom is offering a massive sale! All MapleStory accounts in the Webstore will be 10% off until June 30. As many of you know, our MapleStory accounts come and go fast during this time of the year. Hurry and buy the level 200 MapleStory account that you want to have a blast this summer!

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May 2, 2014: [Demethos] Level 205 Bishop Now Available & MapleStory 9th Anniversary Patch

Posted by MapleMushroom on May 2, 2014 at 2:10 PM

Hello Maplers!

With the month of May here, we have a new [Demethos] Level 205 Bishop on sale at our Webstore. This beyond max level Bishop comes fully equipped with a complete Empress Set and massive %INT boosting equipment. With a 203 magic attack Dragon Tail Staff, this Bishop will satisfy all your high damage and healing needs during boss runs. All MapleStory accounts for sale on our Webstore are secure, fully equipped, and ready to play.

Ready to celebrate MapleStory's 9th Anniversary? Participate in the numerous anniversary events to get in the spirit and be rewarded by the exclusive planetary chairs. With Bursting Word Bubbles, Monsteropoly, 9th Anniversary Rally, and Maple Leaves, you will have plenty of challenges to complete. Go and buy MapleStory accounts today the MapleMushroom Webstore to get ready for this new update!


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- The MapleMushroom (BMA) Team

March 23, 2014: Grand Athenaeum Update Highlights

Posted by MapleMushroom on March 23, 2014 at 8:10 PM

Hello Maplers!

The spring MapleStory update, MapleStory: Grand Athenaeum, will introduce a new theme dungeon. As you explore Grand Athenaeum, you will witness the significant events that shaped the world of MapleStory, and take part in it as well! Compete against other players at the new Boss Arena. For the first time in MapleStory, you will be able to control and fight bosses against another player. Furthermore, there will be a revamp for the Dual Blade and Cannoneer classes, as well as Easter events to get you into the spring atmosphere on MapleStory.

The latest MapleStory account available on the Webstore is the [Bera] Level 200 Shadower! With a full set of Empress and %LUK Tempest equipment, this Shadower will deliver the skybreaking damage for you in the MapleStory: Grand Athenaeum update. Browse and buy MapleStory accounts at our Webstore today!

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Taken from

Spring has come to Maple World, and with it a veritable mountain of new content!



Grab some friends and battle it out in the Boss Arena or team up for party quests with players from other worlds! Take part in spring and Easter-themed events and get ready for MapleStory's biggest party—the 9th Anniversary Celebration! Read on for all the juicy details coming in the Grand Athenaeum update:


New Theme Dungeon: Grand Athenaeum

Explore the Grand Athenaeum, a new theme dungeon for players Lv.100 and above, and relive important events from Maple World's history. Enter a Dimensional Mirror and speak to NPC Skylark Rita to enter a living storybook. Complete three special episodes and earn bragging rights with unique medals and more!

New PvP Area: Boss Arena

Who's the boss? You're the boss! Enter the Boss Arena (Lv.60+) and face other Maplers in intense PvP combat. Take control of boss monsters like Magnus, Ani, Arkarium, Dragonoir, Cygnus or Von Leon, or test your mettle against a player-controlled boss in two 5-minute rounds. Crush your foes or survive a boss' assaults and you'll earn a special emblem!

Skill Revamps

Dual Blades and Cannoneers are about to get way more awesome. In addition to exciting new skills like Blade Ascension and Monkey Fury, these two stalwart classes are having their old skills overhauled. These bad boys aren't the only classes to get an upgrade—Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Battle Mage, Wild Hunter and Mechanic are getting their skills revamped as well!

Cross World Party Quests

Maple World is about to get integrated. No longer will Windia and Bellocan be kept apart like Romeo and Juliet- the revolution is now! With this new update, you can embark on party quests with players from other worlds. The available party quest rotates every 2 weeks, and you can set out on Lv. 50+ quests like "Moon Bunny's Rice Cake" and "First Time Together". Earn EXP and Party Points, which can be redeemed for special rewards. Clear a quest as quickly as possible and you'll have your name entered in the Ranking Bulletin Board for all to see!

Spring and Easter Events

Spring is here, and the Spring Bunnies need your help! Protect the Spring Bunny Family from dastardly Space Pirates and receive Spring Bunny Coins, exchangeable for scrolls and other items! But wait, there's more! Celebrate Easter by collecting Easter Eggs. Collect enough and you'll earn yourself a Moon Bunny costume! You can hop into these events starting in April.


February 10, 2014: MapleStory Return to Masteria

Posted by MapleMushroom on February 11, 2014 at 1:15 AM

Hello Maplers!

The MapleStory: Return to Masteria update is almost here! In this upcoming patch, Masteria will be reworked to bring back the popular Phantom Forest Maze and Valley of Heroes jump quest for a new experience. Asides from new training spots in Masteria, look forward to set sail and battle waves of bosses on the Merchant Trade Voyage in Commerici. As for events, obtain various goodies from the Kaleido-Spinner and the Lucky Lucky Monstory event. With all these additions, go login to your new level 200 MapleStory characters now and explore the new content!

Remember that the [Scania] Level 200 Night Lord is now available on the BMA Webstore! With a 65k damage range and over 1.8K LUK, you will be able to assassinate bosses such as Empress and Pink Bean with fury and speed. Go and buy MapleStory accounts now to explore the latest content in the MapleStory: Return to Masteria update!

Happy Mapling,
- The MapleMushroom (BMA) Team

January 18, 2013: [Mardia] Level 203 Luminous now available

Posted by MapleMushroom on January 18, 2014 at 9:35 PM

Hello Maplers!

Want to play as a beyond max level Luminous? Visit the BMA Webstore now and buy MapleStory accounts. The [Mardia] Level 203 Luminous is fully equipped for brutal damage, with a full set of Empress equipment and %INT Tempest equips. Furthermore, a variety of permanent NX items are included.

The next patch on MapleStory will feature Chase, the Beast Tamer. Here are her update highlights:


Why are the birds singing so sweetly today? Why, they’re celebrating the arrival of Chase, the Beast Tamer! This new playable class comes with a gang of cute animal friends to help defeat monsters, and is available January 22!


Meet Chase, a simple girl with big dreams. Chase has longed to be a hero since she was little, but it wasn’t until the day she saved a cat named Arby that her wish came true. Through Arby’s mysterious powers, Chase has gained the ability to control animals, and thus, her adventure has begun.


As Chase and Arby set out on their journey, more animals start to flock to their side. Now Chase can harness the power of the bear, the snow leopard, the hawk, and of course, Arby the cat. Chase is a magician and uses the INT stat. Each animal power Chase uses bestows different personality characteristics and strengths for dynamic gameplay.


Chase has over 70 diverse skills, and since there are four animal modes, it’s easy to find one tailored just for you! Chase does not have access to job advancement, and instead learns skills through leveling.


Chase’s animals have diverse abilities. The Bear deals massive damage from a stationary position, while the Snow Leopard specializes in dash and jump attacks, allowing you to quickly sweep across the battlefield. The Hawk can soar into the sky with flying and sliding moves. The Cat is a party support specialist that can deal out party buffs with passive skills.

If you’ve ever dreamed of communing with animals, now’s your chance. Take control of Chase and become one with the wild!


Happy Mapling,
- The MapleMushroom (BMA) Team

January 11, 2014: MapleStory Beast Tamer Update

Posted by MapleMushroom on January 11, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Hello Maplers!

The upcoming class to join the fight in MapleStory is Chase, the Beast Tamer. Chase is an INT magician that can use numerous animal forms to assist her in battle. Select between the powers of the bear, the snow leopard, the hawk, and the cat depending on the monsters and bosses that you fight with Chase.

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January 3, 2014: Snow Day 2x EXP/DROP this weekend!

Posted by MapleMushroom on January 3, 2014 at 6:45 PM

Hello Maplers!

Head on over to our new website and buy MapleStory accounts at BMA and go bossing at Empress, Pink Bean, or Gollux this weekend with 2x EXP/DROP on MapleStroy! You will be able to browse our selection MapleStory accounts for sale at the BMA MapleStory Accounts Webstore. All MapleStory accounts are high level, fully equipped, and ready to play!

-Event Times-

Friday, January 3 - Sunday, January 5, 2013

Pacific: 12 AM – 4 AM & 2 PM – 6 PM

Eastern: 3 AM – 7 AM & 5 PM – 9 PM

Happy Mapling,
- The MapleMushroom (BMA) Team

January 1, 2014: Happy New Years for our Maplers at MapleMushroom!

Posted by MapleMushroom on January 1, 2014 at 2:40 PM

Hello Maplers!

We welcome you to another new year at MapleMushroom (now BMA). This year in 2014, the BMA team looks forward to continue delivering the best and most fun MapleStory accounts for all our customers, as well as providing even faster and better customer services on our website. Have a look at our newly released [Chaos] Level 200 Zero at the BMA Webstore and buy MapleStory accounts to start this year off with a bang on MapleStory!

Happy Mapling,
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